ifix Rides The iPhone 6 Wave with Twilio MMS

Nothing gets an instant reaction from an iPhone owner like a cracked screen. They want their phone fixed, but don’t want to wait three days for a support appointment or send their phone off to be replaced. ifix solves their problems on-demand, powering a network of technicians who meet the customers to repair their screen at their convenience. As soon as the iPhone 6 was announced last week, ifix was flooded with 10x the amount of repair calls and phone trade-in requests from customers. Thousands of customers were eager to repair their old iPhone and trade it in for cash to put towards a new one. With the giant spike in demand, ifix usedTwilio’s newly launched MMS to streamline repairs for customers and technicians alike (pictured right) No two cracked screens are alike. When technicians are driving from repair, to repair, having more insight on what type of repair they’re working with helps them plan the day’s repairs and set customer expectation. ifix integrated Twilio MMS to allow customers to post a picture of their broken phone within the ifix app. ifixShot Martin Amps, CIO of ifix says that giving customers and technicians the ability to communicate visually, and easily “makes a huge difference” in customer satisfaction and making sure technicians can handle the wave of requests in the wake of the iPhone 6 release. Just a few days after the MMS launch Martin and his team had their new photo feature up and running in hours. “Twilio made it very simple for us,” said Martin. After updating their API and a few lines of front-end display code, the app was ready for production. Even though the ifix team is busier than ever handling the new iPhone launch traffic, they’re still driving their business internationally. The team is working on opening offices in the UK and Germany. You can learn more about ifix by visiting their website here and reading their Twilio Case study here.

Jordan Barnes