ifix Jumps the Pond

We’re already an international platform, servicing customers in 11 countries. We knew we were outgrowing our U.S. operations, and saw our demand rising quickly overseas. This week, the first round of team members heading up our international expansion landed in London to set up shop and begin eating a lot of fish and chips. (Forgive us, all we know how to do right now is be cliche. Help?) The ifix services you know and love will be available throughout the London area very, very soon. You know the drill: shatter your phone? We’ll come fix it. Drop it in a pint of beer? (we’re doing the cliche thing again…) We’ll come fix it. Want to sell your current phone and upgrade to the iPhone 6? We’ll come give you cash on the spot. We’re also hiring like crazy to quickly grow our overseas team. If you think you’d make a good fit, we’d love to meet you. As part of the ifix family, we strive to make every single interaction with the people who use our services as fantastic as possible. If you love solving complex problems, while making a friend or two along the way because of stellar customer service, you’ll fit right in. Bottom line, serving customers and providing them with awesome ifix experiences is what makes the juice worth the squeeze for us, and we’re thrilled to open up our London office and begin to do just that. We’d love to hear from you. Please reach our London team members at helloUK@ifix.com Cheerio!